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Carefree Cakery started in the backpack of a high school student who wanted to earn some extra spending money by doing something she loved.  After immense success with selling her Cheesecake Brownies to her classmates, Carefree Cakery's founder, Alysia, began experimenting with a variety of recipes and techniques until her hobby evolved into a career. Today, Carefree Cakery combines a love of food, fun, and kindness by providing you with pure and ethical desserts that are beautiful to behold! 

Purity is a large part of who we are. We believe that food should be simple and real. For us, that means going the extra mile and making our all of our goods completely from scratch. Because of this, it's easy to modify recipes to accommodate different allergies and intolerances. If there's something we can make ourselves, you can bet that we're either doing it now or we're in the process of learning how to!

Our adherence to our wholesome values starts well before our ingredients reach our kitchens. As a fair trade bakery, we value people above all else. This means that while other companies source their cocoa, sugar, vanilla, and coffee from companies that cheat their farmers out of a livable wage, we carefully select vendors that pay fairly for every bit of our raw materials. Does this come at a cost? Sure. But we believe that the happiness you feel when eating a treat should be shared with those who made it possible. 

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