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Our Sizes

Cakes come in so many shapes and sizes that it can be hard to figure out what works best for you! This handy guide covers our most common, popular sizes. Please bear in mind that everyone cuts servings differently, so it's difficult to specify just how many slices each cake will serve. This is only to give you a basic framework to work with but we hope it helps! 

Round Cakes

All round cakes pictured are 2-layer cakes. As you can see, the smaller the diameter, the taller the cake will be relative to the overall size. 

4" Cake

Single layer "lunchbox cake" - Serves 2

Double Layer "mini cake" - Serves 5


6" Cake

Double layer- Serves 10

Triple Layer- Serves 16


8" Cake

Double layer- Serves 20

Triple Layer- Serves 30


10" Cake

Double layer- Serves 30

Triple Layer- Serves 44

12" Cake

Double layer- Serves 42

Triple Layer- Serves 64

Sheet Cakes

All sheet cakes pictured here are single layer cakes. Sheet cakes are well known for being easy to cut and serve to large groups!

Quarter Sheet (9" x 13")

Single layer- Serves 20

Double Layer- Serves 40

Half Sheet
(13" x 18")

Single layer- Serves 40

Double Layer- Serves 80

Full Sheet
(18" x 26")

Single layer- Serves 80

Double Layer- Serves 160

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